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Create the Perfect Pantry

August 25, 2022

When it is time for a new kitchen design, there are many decisions to make. Today’s kitchen is a multi-purpose room at the heart of any home, and it must balance style and functionality. Effective storage is key to creating a kitchen design that can handle the demands of a busy home.

Storage should be planned around your family’s needs and designed to maximize the available space in your kitchen remodel. This could include kitchen cabinet storage solutions, open storage like floating shelves, and additional space like a separate pantry or utility room.

Well-planned pantry storage is essential so that all your kitchen staples can be neatly stowed and easily accessible when you need them. From weekday dinners to holiday baking, a custom pantry design never lets you down and is a smart component of any kitchen remodel.

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Here are our top tips for creating the perfect pantry for your kitchen design.

What do you need in a pantry?

Before you start planning it helps to completely declutter your kitchen. You will have to do this anyway for a full remodel, so why not get started now? Take everything out of your kitchen cabinets or existing pantry and dispose of or recycle any food items that are out of date. Do the same with cookware and kitchen tools. Consider what you will use and donate or recycle anything that is no longer used in your kitchen.

Now you can determine what you really need to store in your kitchen pantry. Decide how you plan to use your kitchen. Do you have a busy family and cook regularly? Or do you rely on take out and only cook occasionally? Are you an avid baker, who loves to whip up treats or make birthday cakes for the family? Decide what you need to store to fit your family’s needs and build your storage solutions around this.

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Where is the best place for your pantry?

Even the smallest kitchen design has space for custom pantry storage, but the style and size of your pantry will be influenced by available space. In planning any pantry, you must look at several factors. Pantry storage should be protected from light, excessive heat, and moisture as these variables can impact food integrity. You should also consider a space that, while not immediately next to the cooking area to avoid heat, is accessible so you can get to ingredients and supplies when you need them.

In a more compact kitchen design, incorporate pantry storage into a section of your cabinetry. In a large kitchen remodel, you can go all out with a separate pantry, a walk-in pantry, or even a full butler’s pantry. If space is tight within your kitchen, you could consider using a nearby closet or alcove and converting it into pantry storage with custom shelves and storage accessories.

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Which custom storage solutions enhance your pantry set up?

Once you know where your pantry will be located and how much space you have, plan storage accessories to accommodate all your kitchen essentials. Cabinetry can be outfitted with pull outs to fit cans and bottles. Roll out shelves are ideal for containers of pasta, flour, and cereal. Pull outs and deep drawers can also be used to store gadgets, cooking and baking tools, and small countertop appliances. Inserts or tray dividers keep cutting boards and baking trays organized.

In a walk-in or butler’s pantry, include shelves to keep everything organized. Or continue your kitchen cabinet design paired with a countertop and sink for extra food prep or clean up space.

kitchen pantry and tray storage

What items can be stored somewhere else?

Not everything needs to be stored in your kitchen pantry. Items that are seldom used, seasonal items, and extra supplies should be kept on the highest shelf in your pantry or else kept somewhere else. Seasonal supplies like holiday baking items or a Thanksgiving serving tray can be kept in attic or basement storage if space in the pantry is limited. Carefully stow them in a storage box and label it so you can find these items when you need them. You could designate a pantry shelf for seasonal items that you need now and rotate them as seasons or holidays change.

How can you enhance your pantry style?

A pantry is essential for storage in a kitchen design, but it can also complement your kitchen’s style. A pantry that is integrated into your kitchen cabinets fits neatly into your kitchen design aesthetic, concealing essential storage. In a walk-in pantry, you could opt for cabinetry in a contrasting color to create a design focal point. If your pantry includes open storage like shelves or cubbies, select stylish containers to hold essentials. Baskets or wooden crates bring texture to a kitchen design, while colorful containers accent your design’s color palette.

white kitchen cabinets with pantry storage

Put some thought into every aspect of your kitchen pantry to find the perfect balance of functionality and style. Once you find the ideal location, figure out the storage accessories that will hold everything you need. Include a dash of style in your cabinetry and storage containers to accent your kitchen design. Our team can help with all your kitchen remodeling needs. Contact us to get started!