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Top Luxury Bath Design Ideas

June 2, 2022

Bathroom designs must be multifunctional spaces as they care for your personal needs from morning to night. Just because they serve a practical purpose doesn’t mean you have to compromise on aesthetics or luxury. You deserve to have the ultimate space to relax in that is efficient and uncluttered.

How can you create a bath remodel that is the ultimate luxurious retreat? Choose a style that you favor and then take inspiration from top luxury hotels and spas as they use only the best materials in calming, restorative shades. At Solstice Kitchen and Bath, we can listen to your requirements, help you create the perfect bath design for your needs, and work with you to select and install a range of products to suit your taste and budget. A calming, high-end bath design is more achievable than you think. Here are our favorite ideas for a luxurious bathroom design.

Tailor-made Storage

Excellent storage is required to give your bath design a streamlined look. If you want a more elaborate style, storage is still an essential base to work from. Decide what you need to access most often and what can be stored for occasional use. Your bathroom design expert can work with you to make use of all the space available for storage that contains everything in a stylish way.

Everything you choose, whether slab-fronted, painted, glass or mirror fronted cabinets, niche storage, or open shelving should suit the tone of your bath remodel. Internal storage solutions are vital to keep everything organized. Some items such as cotton balls or buds can be stored in containers on the countertop in a material that accessorizes your design style. Anything left visible in your bathroom should be thought-out and curated, so that it enhances your bathroom design and avoids creating clutter.

bathroom design accessories

Built-in outlets mean you can use tools and devices so entertainment is easy to incorporate into your bath routine. Mirrored cabinets and glass shelving help to reflect light and make your bath design bright and airy. Handleless cabinets give a sleek touch to streamlined bath designs where fuss is at a minimum.

Sink Style

Sinks are one of the defining features of a bathroom design. Visible from all angles, they work hard and need to be as stylish as they are practical. Why not go for double sinks to avoid congestion at busy times in your bathroom? There are a host of sink materials on the market, so keep focused on what would work in a luxurious retreat. Vitreous china is a class choice for sink material, but if you want to go for something unique, rich wood, glass, and ultra-modern cement are all chic options. Think about the shape you’d like your sink to be. Curved edges bring softness into a bath design to make clean lines more romantic. Asymmetrical vessel sinks are another option that create a unique focal point in your bathroom vanity. Place them on a natural wood or stone countertop for understated elegance. Up the ante with very thin vessel sinks in a matte finish to repel dirt and inject instant style into a bathroom design. 

Vanity Project

After you’ve chosen your sink it’s time to decide on a vanity for your bath remodel. If you’ve gone for a contemporary vessel sink, it works well with a floating vanity but can accent any spa-style bathroom vanity. Practically speaking, a wall-hung vanity gives you access to easily clean your floor, but it also encapsulates spa style design with its clean lines and openness. Or go for a furniture style vanity but with a contemporary door and minimal hardware like the bathroom design pictured below.

For a more opulent look, try a waterfall countertop for your vanity. Choose a quality material such as natural stone or wood and let it sweep down into a floor constructed from the same material. It’s a simple yet dramatic look for a high-end bath design. A furniture style vanity with added detail with is a classic choice and can be paired with a traditional style freestanding tub like a clawfoot model. Pair these with antique-style mirror frames, sconces, and upholstered furniture for a luxe, traditional bathroom design. Counterbalance your vintage vanity vibes with touchscreen and voice-controlled mirrors, lighting, and speakers. If you’d like to be more minimalist, eliminate hardware and opt for push or slide-open cabinets and drawers for a sleek bathroom vanity.

Faucet Choice

Faucets are one of those small things that can make a big impact if chosen wisely. Choose a faucet or tub filler in a style to suit your luxurious bath remodel and then upgrade its features and material. You can choose a faucet style that blends or contrasts but make sure to choose a model that hits the sink or tub at the correct angle so there’s no splash back.

Try to complement cabinet hardware and light fittings for a more polished bath design. Faucets can come in many strong colors apart from the top choices of chrome or matte black. Gold and brass have grown in popularity and add a real touch of opulence, especially in a white bath design or against blue cabinetry. Why not go all the way and pair brass fittings with white marble for classic elegance with a modern twist. The finish you choose can add sophistication and, in the case of a brushed finish, reduce the appearance of fingerprints. 

vanity with vessel sinks

Modern luxury faucets can include motion sensors, pull-down spray wands and hydra-powered LED lights that tell you the water’s temperature. These can be integrated into a faucet that is as sleek or intricate as you want but will ultimately enhance your bathroom experience.

Luxury Toilets

Toilets are a necessary component of any bathroom design, but did you know that the latest technological features can also enhance your bath remodel’s toilet? Why not look at a shower toilet, which offers cleansing water jets and air dryers adjusted to each person’s temperature and pressure choices via an app? There are also options for seat warming and automatic closure as well as built-in speakers and internet access. Other features include carbon air-extractors and noise-disguising technology.

You could pair this with a half wall or curved wall around your toilet for a boutique hotel look, giving extra privacy, or use extra space in a large bathroom remodel to create a separate toilet compartment.  Sensor-activated lights in your toilet mean there’s no need to leave a light on at nighttime. Anti-bacterial coating inside your toilet also makes it easier to clean and maintain your bathroom design, while a wall hung toilet makes it much easier to clean the area underneath and is perfect for spa style luxury and minimalism. By investing in a quality toilet with extra features in a sleek design, your bathroom remodel caters for your every need in luxurious surroundings.

bath design toilet compartment

Super Showers

A high-end shower is another wise investment to enhance your lifestyle. Thresholdless showers are not only more accessible but make a bathroom design feel open and modern. You can incorporate a massage shower panel, water spray settings, and wide rainfall shower heads. Timers and voice-activated controls can look after temperature or water volume while you relax to music or podcasts from built-in Bluetooth shower speakers. In an extra-large luxury bathroom design, try a shower built for two with multiple showerheads. Use slabs or large format tiles in your shower enclosure as this reduces cleaning, especially in a spacious bathroom. Go for natural stone for a luxurious shower surround. Book-matched marble is particularly on trend and perfect for a luxe bath design.

large luxury shower

Love Your Walls

Mirrors in your chosen style, pictures hanging on walls, and art pieces on shelving all bring class and interest to a bath remodel when carefully chosen and limited to high quality materials and complementary accent colors. Color is an ideal way to brighten up any space and works very well on bathroom walls, but it could look chaotic if you introduce too many clashing tones.

Natural materials, such as wood and stone, are a subtle way to warm up a bath design’s palette and radiate high-end chic. Put slabs or panels in these materials on your walls or try patterned tiles or bathroom wallpaper with added texture to enliven a muted color scheme. White is a crisp, clean choice for a bath remodel and can be paired with accent colors throughout the design or by concentrating a color on one specific area like a backsplash or shower wall feature.

The palette you choose sets the tone for your bath design. Rich shades of purple, red and navy are dramatic and opulent. Muted pink is very trendy and, like pastel shades, can look retro and uplifting. Blue and white is the classic coastal style while neutrals like beige, gray and brown also work with white fittings for a relaxing spa look. Vary a neutral color palette by adding different textures or patterns, like this section of wallpaper in a toilet compartment pictured below.

bath design toilet compartment

Amp Up Your Lighting

Lighting should be well planned to maximize its potential in your luxury bathroom design. Assess how much natural light you can get with large windows and include that in your design plan. Then install strong lighting around your mirror and vanity to assist with everything you do there, but plan this lighting carefully so you avoid shadow and glare. Why not light behind a mirror to make it appear like it is floating?

Decorative and ambient lighting in the floor, walls, ceiling, and over shelving balance out the room and this multi-layered approach prevents a glare from one central light. Including glass in your design like glass shelves helps reflect even more light.  A large pendant or elegant chandelier over your tub puts the focus on relaxation and indulgence. You can adjust the focus or strength of your lighting with dimmer switches. Go one step further and make them voice controlled so you can effortlessly set the scene in your new bathroom design.

bath design with chandelier

Treat Your Tub

If a soothing soak in the tub is your idea of relaxation, then a bathtub will be at the center of your luxury bath design. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and can be as technologically advanced or as minimalist as you desire. Accessorize your tub with a vintage cocktail table or wooden bath caddy for all your essentials. You could step down into a large garden tub or sit into a hip Japanese soaking tub, but a freestanding tub with a view will steal the show in any bathroom remodel. Claw-foot tubs are still popular for a traditional vibe, but neater flat-bottomed models are the most popular choice for a sleek design. Aside from spa-friendly white, materials such as copper, wood and concrete are in vogue for truly unique tubs. Go for massage jets, thermal controls, and built-in speakers to make your bath time truly indulgent. Why not install a sauna if possible and take your bath remodel from relaxing to the ultimate in luxury?

freestanding bathtub

Accessorizing with the best quality towels, bathmats, robes, and candles is the best finishing touch for your luxury bath design. Plants, upholstered seating, favorite mementos, and art make your bath remodel a beautiful place to unwind in. Custom storage will keep your bathroom remodel uncluttered and retain its high end look for years to come. Contact us today at Solstice Kitchen and Bath to talk to our bath design experts and get started on your dream bathroom.