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The Top Trends for 2023 Kitchen and Bath Design

January 16, 2023

Is 2023 the year you plan to bring your home design vision to life? Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most important spaces in a home. Updating these rooms with the latest styles, materials, storage, and technology will transform your home’s style and the way you live and work.

The latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design seek to bring comfort to these spaces, to create an efficient workflow, and to give them more personality with the style and color scheme. From decorative lighting to enhanced storage, spa style retreats, and bold tiles, get inspired by the latest trends and create your one-of-a-kind kitchen or bath design.



Statement Islands

Today’s kitchens have become more multifunctional than ever before, and the all-important island is the centerpiece of this multi-purpose room. In 2023, islands take on an even more central role in kitchen designs by defining the room’s style and functionality.

Consider letting your kitchen island stand out by painting it in a color that contrasts your perimeter cabinets. Or go for a completely different cabinet door style to create a truly eclectic look. One-of-a-kind furniture style cabinetry is in style, so you could choose a standalone piece of furniture to serve as your kitchen island. Another style growing in popularity for kitchen islands is butcher block. Create an island out of all butcher block or go for a butcher block countertop to accent painted perimeter cabinetry.


kitchen island with wood countertop


Think about how you plan to use your island and create storage, workspace, and seating to meet these requirements. Customize island storage to fit these needs, for example include drawers for pots and pans if your island serves as a cooking zone. Add seating if your island is intended for dining or entertaining.

In a spacious kitchen design, consider going with the trend of installing two islands. One can focus on food prep while the other is geared toward dining and entertaining. Include a beverage bar set up in the entertainment island or position it near a beverage bar to create an efficient workflow.


kitchen with quartz countertops

Color Schemes

Today’s kitchen design color schemes are all about bringing a personal touch to your space, adding warmth to the heart of your home, and creating an eclectic style by pairing classic tones with unexpected colors.


blue and white kitchen design


  • Brighter tones paired with wood maintains the warmth of wood but injects some personality with unexpected, brighter shades of standard favorites like blues and greens.
  • Speaking of blues and greens, these popular choices for kitchen remodeling color schemes are still on the scene. Deeper shades are always a great choice for kitchen cabinets or backsplashes, but newer variations like blue with green undertones are becoming more popular.
  • Wood cabinetry is a classic that shows no sign of going away, but 2023 will see more light wood finishes that allow the grain to remain visible.
  • Mixing wood with painted cabinets is also an ideal option for a classic kitchen design that will never go out of style. This could look like white or off-white perimeter cabinets paired with a wood island or wood perimeter combined with a brightly painted island. Find a combination that fits your home’s style and your personality.


wood perimeter cabinets with off white painted island

Customized Beverage Bars

More than ever before, kitchens are the heart of the home, where we live, cook, work, dine, and have fun with family and friends. Customized storage and “zones” allow all of these activities to coexist peacefully in a spacious kitchen design.

One key element of an organized and fun kitchen is a beverage center. This could look like a section of cabinetry set aside for storage and prep space for drinks or it could be a separate, standalone beverage bar. Include storage for your favorite drink supplies as well as a beverage sink and perhaps an undercounter refrigerator or even a second dishwasher.

Position your beverage bar away from the main cooking area so that kids and guests can help themselves without interfering with the food prep. 2023 sees beverage bars stand out from their surroundings with cabinetry in a distinctive color or style that allows the beverage bar to have its own distinctive personality.


beverage center

Outstanding Backsplashes

The hardworking kitchen backsplash gets an elevated style position in 2023 with attention given to the material, texture, and color. A backsplash must be able to protect your kitchen walls from moisture and food splatters, particularly in areas prone to mess like behind the kitchen sink and cooking area. It also sits right at eye level and covers a prominent area of the kitchen wall, and, therefore, is a prime opportunity to dress up your kitchen design style.

This year sees stylish backsplashes that either blend in with the countertop or stand out in a colorful, playful pattern. Slab backsplashes are a practical and beautiful solution to covering your kitchen walls. Choose a slab in marble, quartz, or granite that matches your countertop material, creating a truly fluid style.

Or select a colorful tile to add contrast to your kitchen color scheme. Another option to change up your backsplash is to use a shaped tile, such as arabesque, diamond, or petal. You could also take the standard subway tile and install it in a bold color or in a different pattern to create a style all your own.


kitchen with hexagonal shaped tile

Statement Lighting Designs

Lighting is essential to a busy kitchen design, as you require targeted task lighting to be able to see clearly when reading recipes, chopping vegetables, and cooking. Layered lighting, with the option to provide softer light for relaxing and entertaining, is also key to a multi-functional kitchen. You can also use lighting to spotlight certain features, like the contents of a glass front display cabinet.

In addition to serving a functional need, lighting can also be a decorative accessory that transforms a kitchen design. This year sees a greater focus on kitchen light fixtures that define your room’s style rather than blending in.  Choose bold, colorful pendants or chandeliers, or go for light fixtures with exciting architectural lines that take on a starring role in your kitchen style.


kitchen design with glass pendant lights


Nature-inspired Elements

Bathrooms are a cozy space where you should feel able to wind down at the end of a long day or get inspired in the morning.  One way to make your bath design feel warm and welcoming is by bringing natural elements into your space. Nature inspired, quality materials, colors, and themes are all in style for bathroom design in 2023. This could include:

  • Wood tones in cabinetry and floating shelves, particularly in a lighter finish that allows the natural wood grain to show through.
  • Large windows that allow natural light in and a view of the great outdoors.
  • Organic materials and textures like stone tiles or countertops, billowing window coverings, or soft bathmats and towels.
  • Plants that add color and texture to a bathroom, plus improve air quality and pair well with a moisture prone room.


bath design with large window

Color Schemes

Choose a color scheme for your bathroom design that is an extension of your home’s style. Create an oasis with this year’s popular natural wood tones, or stick to the new neutrals like beige, taupe, or cream for a soothing backdrop for your morning routine. These colors pair beautifully with natural stone surfaces and fluffy white towels or offer scope to introduce a bold accent color in your accessories.


wood furniture style vanity


If you want to create a unique look, bold colors are popular this year, as well as softer tones like dusty blues and greens, which evoke a feeling of a natural landscape like the beach or a forest.

Spa Style Master Baths

For the ultimate in relaxation and luxury, use your master bath remodel as an opportunity to create your very own spa style retreat. Natural materials and luxury finishes like stone surfaces and wood cabinetry define a spa style master bathroom.

A freestanding bathtub is typically a centerpiece of this bath design, particularly a deep soaking tub, a whirlpool model, or a slipper tub where one side is higher to support the head and neck. If you have the space, include both a freestanding tub and a large shower. The spa bathroom’s shower could look like a fully open shower in a wet room style bathroom, or it could be a large, enclosed steam shower. Either way, include recessed storage niches for all your shower essentials and a built-in bench.


bathroom with freestanding tub

Bold Tiles

Tiled surfaces are a staple of any bathroom design, as they serve to protect walls and floors in these moisture prone spaces. In addition to serving this essential, functional purpose, tiles also help to define your bathroom’s style with their shape, pattern, texture, and color.

  • Natural textures enhance the room’s design aesthetic, and they feel good, especially under foot in a shower or on a bathroom floor.
  • Bold colors give your bathroom a distinct personal touch and can be used throughout the bathroom or in a single section such as a backsplash, shower wall, or tile feature. A smaller bathroom like a powder room or guest bathroom is a prime opportunity to experiment with color and pattern.
  • Zellige tile is a popular choice for today’s bathrooms. This handmade Moroccan tile is glazed and characterized by natural imperfections that add to their appeal. They come in a variety of colors and can be installed in a single color or in a pattern with multiple colors.

Decorative Lighting

Bathroom lighting needs are quite specific as you must have targeted lighting for shaving, applying makeup and doing hair. At the same time, your main source of task lighting must not create glare or shadows. For this reason, backlit mirrors and mirrored medicine cabinets are an ideal solution for bathroom vanities.


bathroom vanity with decorative lighting












In addition to essential light sources, bathroom lighting in 2023 will see the introduction of unusual and decorative light fixtures that provide additional light and enhance the room’s style. Chandeliers, pendants, and sconces are all options that can bring additional light as well as introducing color, pattern, or texture to your bathroom design style. Bathroom lighting also helps to set the mood and to highlight particular areas, for example with an unusual pendant light or chandelier hanging over a freestanding tub.


If you are ready to reimagine your home’s style and functionality in 2023, get inspired by the latest trends and then check out our website to learn more about our kitchen design and bathroom remodeling services. Then contact us to kick start your home remodeling plans.